Tuesday, 2 December 2014

One thing you dont want in your Life.

We all know that we have only one life.Everyone wants their life to be happy.But some people are unhappy during old age.Main reason for their unhappiness is due to REGRETS.---Regrets for not living a life they could have lived.Regrets are bad thing because it shows our bad choices we made during our past life.We waste our time during young age and we regret about this during old age.Thing is that during young age we don’t think much or evaluate our life,mainly because we are in the process of building a good future.Some times we fail,sometimes we succeed in building future.Its true that even hardworking successful people also regret during old age.They wish they had not worked so hard in past.They may take a toll on their body during old age for their hard work during younger age or they may think they couldn’t find enough time for their family during young age.If you couldn’t pursue your dream for some one else’s plan,you may wish if u had the courage to live a life true to yourself,not the life others expected of you.Some may feel,if they had the courage to express their feelings.If they did they would have made a better life in relationsips.They would have made a better image about themselves among people.If we waste time,we will regret because we regret about making less use of this wonderful opportunity,life.If you made wrong choices in your carreer,you will feel regret that this was not you are really capable of.Some people regret during old days about their young life because even at 65 they ave to work to move forward and they are not able to take retirement.Regrets always comes in life after consequences affect us of our unwise choices in past.So start now,you still got cance to live a regretless life.Be brave and make right choices,do what you like,pursue your dream,don’t procrastinate and make use of this wonderful one time opportunity-LIFE.