Saturday, 26 April 2014


"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while."-Steve Jobs

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

do you have a reason?

be brave enough to wish the best and stand with your is difficult....never will be role model for others.because people love heroes and they wish they were heroes.heroes never ran away from difficulties .I will not name role model for you.because you have your thing common for all those people is that they are brave...brave not in the sense they are freedom fighters.but they stood for a reason...they stood up for their belief...that is what you should have in your mind first when u feel you should go for something.A reason to beleive of your own go a lot of distance.

Wrinkles on your mind.

we all know life is all about one we should value the things in it....our body and mind are the main things we should give importance first of all as its existence makes sense of living...we should eat healthy,exercise regularly and live responsibly...these habits will make your body healthy and also help to live a long life....insha allah. but most people dont give importance to the other part...our mind....the thing defines the successful ones and the rest...during childhood we are very lively,in teenage we become daring,in young age we become matured,in old age what we do?... we just look back what we have done...we should not have any regrets when we look back...for that we should maintain a healthy and lively mind during our young age...if we are able to maintain a young mind through out our life  we may be able to a slam dunk at 60 provided good health happiness is the key to this healthy two persons,one  sad and the other a happy person...ask them to climb a points for guessing who reached the summit first....its only an incident and what if the person is sad often...his minimum energy to act will get lower day by other words he automatically will become old in mind very sooner than his always keep in mind true happiness is necessary to be active althrough your life...there is no sense in carrying an old mind in a worked out before deciding to hit the jim make sure your mind is ahead than your body....if you have a carefree mind in a healthy body you will do what your age limiting you from....along with happiness you should train your brain with games,read well,face your problems systematically and maintain healthy relationships...these things will help you think better,feed you with knowledge,a balanced approach towards life and a happier mind....
you should always have thirst in your mind to stay young through the ages...if we fill our mind with unnecessary problems thirst we are supposed to have will not be there in your mind...because a problem filled mind always think backwards and the thirsty mind we should have is a forward looking mind...fill happiness in your heart...that is the basic requirement to look forward in your life...dont ever feel tired with your mind...because mind works better in a happy condition...and the energy to go forward and your lively nature of your teenage days can be forwarded to the next phase of your each phase of your life you have a boosting point which carry the energy you have inside to the next phase...that works well with a happy mind and it also have negative effect if your not happy will make you older at heart,makes you give up BE HAPPY...DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY...FOLLOW YOUR HEART...THAT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU...IT WILL KEEP YOU YOUNG AT HEART.

Passion Do Things.

We all know there are many ways to do things.Some do it with happiness and some others do it for the sake of doing it or not with 100 % happiness.People of first group may do well the same things better than the second group.Why is it so?Are they better trained?No,not at all.They do it better because they are destined to do it.In other words those people is in the desired field of occupation or they are doing what their passion is driving them to do.They did not choose that field because their parents wanted them to do it.They are good at it and they love to do it.They realised that it is their passion.They knew they had to do it because they feel only they can do it.That is what passion makes us to do.Do things what your skills,ability and passion drives you to do.Go behind your thoughts.Not behind the trend.This should be in your mind when you choose your course of study,carreer,hobbies etc.Always be the first word when you have to make a selection.Dont allow other influential persons in your life to follow.They don’t know exactly what your skill is at,they will not be sure of what your interest is at.When you choose a course,look at your marks and understand your strength.Be it on any field,follow it.Dont go behind the trends on this point of time.

A man with passion can do wonderful things.There is lot of difference between a passionate man and an ordinary person who is guided by others.A passionate man create master pieces and others only create pieces.You may see quality in a passionate man.But you may not see quality in ordinary creators.It is the quality of your love for the things you are passionate about.You wont feel tired when you are doing things that you love.You wont feel tired when you are doing things that you love.A passionate man asks for the next step when his work is over.Others just finish the work just for the sake of finishing it.You wont feel stop doing things that you love.Because only a passionate man knows the art of enjoying things.

Are you Happy?

its a question we often have to face often in our day to day life...are we happy with our lives?where should we go to find that magic thing called happiness...?

are you happy with your wealth you have got? are you happy with your wife? are you happy with your job?

so many things that define your happiness...but do we need to go here and there to find happiness...?do we need luxury to be happy?

i have a friend who is never happy of anything in his life..he is really a materialistic person...he is not really happy with the type of life he has...actually i am also bit like him...i am not happy with where i live...i am not happy of what i have achieved...lot of things to make me unhappy!...then i started to think of a solution to this unhappiness...i realised that i am not giving value to what i have...thats the basic problem to all of the unhappiness we have...if you try to realise the value of what you have,you will never complain of anything...instead you will be smiling and thanking god for what you have...

you are blessed with lot of things to make you wont complain of anything if you realse that there are people without all these things..i mean poor people...still many of them are happy because they realise the value of what they possess...the value of life...

try to live a life of thankfullness rather than a life of searchfullness...thank god and thank others for what they have given you...and realise that without them your life is incomplete...try to love what you do...try to make time in your life to think of all things what you possess and realise their value in your life...try it...after doing this you will realise that you feel will realise that being happy is not the things you want..its you itself that make you happy...your life itself is a reason to make you happy

Hurry!!! offer ends soon.

Lets talk about the offer we all have in front of us which is going to end very offer thats unique and so beautiful...its nothing other than our precious offer we are lucky to have because millions of other sperms were also in race to be in your place...we are very lucky to get a timeline or a lifespan in the history of this beautiful planet..that is 60 or 70 years in a total lifespan of billions of years that belong to this planet...
                                                        Now the question is, have we made a mark in the history of this planet? some people just live their life that they get...some make that life special by doing great things... ofcourse a very few is destined to do something special in their do something thats remembered by others...i am not saying to go outside and make a mark....but its worth a lot to think  about the uniqueness of life and one and only oppurtunity that we have...
some people do kind deeds and become special...some build gigantic companies and become special...some become good actors and thus become special...some make great inventions and become remembered...yes,not everyone can be like this...i sometimes think why god make very few people special in one way or other...why some people are destined for depths and very few to great heights?...yet the achievers and the ordinary people have the same gift in their life to live...its beautiful to live your life irrespective of your life's success...
i dont know whether its unfair to say that a life that made a mark in the timeline of this planet is the life that should be made a only just took a breath in and out because they had to...and its always good to think of the uncertainty of life despite our life's its our duty to live life meaningfully irrespective of what we try always not to live hearing the success story of others.
If you fail,dont worry..just think about this unique offer that we all got whenver you get time...that itself will inspire you to make a step.
..because u dont need an outside example to act as the best inspiration is you itself...just think about the unique offer of life that you got,YOUR PRECIOUS got only one life and you will never get the lived life again to improve...SO TRY ALWAYS TO REMEMBER THE UNIQUE OFFER THAT IS IN YOUR HAND...YOUR ONE AND ONLY LIFE...ACT SOON...TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST

Be a DOER.

Always be ready to do foolish things and mistakes...because its the way forward for a DOER..remember Steve Jobs said,STAY HUNGRY,STAY FOOLISH...he stayed in that tarck and see what he left for us...he said he doesnot want to be the  richest man in the cemetry...but what makes him happy is that we have done something exciting before we go to sleep...that is the bullet point we should note... have we done anything new or tried to think anythink new today...
Great DOERS like Thomas Alva Edison taught us to be positive in everything we do.Mr.Edison tried 1000's of time before inventing bulb.When he invented bulb he didnt say he wasted time by doing wrong experiments.But instead he said he now atleast 1000's ways of how not to make a bulb?
Thats the spirit new age generation should possess.Admit our mistakes and be positive about what you do even if you fail.Never be afraid to think out of the box.Because nothing ventured nothing gained.If you are a DOER,you will do mistakes daily.Because your mistakes are result of what you tried to achieve new.If you were doing the same things of yesterdays,you wouldnot have made that mistake today.So be not afraid to make mistake.Try to venture into new ideas,thouhts etc.Then only you improve...your nation improve.BE A DOER.

what are you made of?

Successful people are said to be made of winning element.The element they are made of is called right thinking.If you have the rigt attitude which is a result of right thinking...if you are living in a society where there is freedom of expression,then you are lucky to dream and get enough of what you want and what you have.Just because your thinking allows to dream,think,do and achieve.This is the success mantra delivered to us by eminent thinker of our country,Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam.If you have a big dream,you will be led by lot of omens,rather than your logic and intelligence.These omens come infront of you in  different shapes and objects.A friend,a road sign,a film and lot of other things to which you are attached with directly or indirectly.Always start your day with prayers and end with prayers to have that positive attitude during your day.
You should have challenging attitude inside you to be infront as you are living in a world of competition.You should think you are te best.If you still fail to win that battle,its not your fault.The battle is won by someone else with better attitude and mindset.Dont be upset,learn the lesson and be a winner from next battle onwards.

thoughts for our nature

Today,as we all know environmental problems is a big threat to our lives.Urbanisation and the resulted population accumulation in cities is causing big environmental problems.If we are looking for better urban life,we normally tend to shift to a more faster lifestyle make us to oversee what's happening with our environment.I think we can overcome this problem,if we look outside cities for waste degradation.It may be time consuming,but it will certainly give you a good result in the  future ie if our business or day-to-day life will be given more life in a long term perspective.So try to allocate money,time and space to degrade waste.It may look unnecessary wastage of money,time and waste,but will yield you results in the future.Your business or day-to-day life will be far from pollution and thereby gives you more life,in every sense.Try to give classes and training in schools for environment related issues and solutions.

what you think makes the difference

you want to be rich or successful.but you think you dont have the requirements in you and your life to become rich or think the rich man you know is rich because he is meant to be.this is a wrong thinking some people have.we know lot of rags to riches stories.people think their talent showed them the way .but there is a big factor besides talent to become a is our own thoughts.success is about getting right thoughts in your head.right thoughts leads you to right choices and right choices never fails.have an aim in life and focus on the path,you will be there.never compromise on the choices which leads you to that aim.if you compromise,story will be aware about what happens around you.spend time with intelligent and knowledgeable people.they will inspire you and will give you positive thoughts.

Never think you dont have rich father or mother o make you rich.there are enough people out there who are making history without any sort of hereditary advantage or family is their thoughts leading them.what you make out of life is the result of your thoughts.what you were in past ,what you are now and what you will be tomorrow are always the result of your thoughts.

get an idea about what you want to be and gather knowledge about the path you are supposed to go.make a move.your choices decide how big you can be and that choices are result of your right thoughts.

social network and literacy

There is inseparable connection between the real world you live in and the online world you virtually live in,if you are an internet user..If you are an individual with average intelligence,you can easily live in online virtual world without much expert advice.Social Networking is the online adaptation of the real world live in.Social Networking has revolutionised internet usage by allowing common man to be a part of it with simple and cheap features it possess.I know lot of people who has no computer literacy and not even high school certificate spending hours on social networking sites.i guess this interest can be automatically translated into computer proficiency if government agencies try which is a great thing.Without Social Networking,i dont think common man would have become such net savvy.
you can easily find relations between different software,hardware parts of computer and the real world things we deal with.


Yeah....YOU COOOOOL!!!

Supercoolness is the totality of our character's reaction(positive) towards all conditions in life.Supercoolness can be achieved by just being pure at heart.If you are not pure at heart and being supercool means you are going to end up in trouble one day or other.Whatever you do should be done with the acceptance of its meaning and even if you are violating something by doing bit wrong against its purity and meaning,you should be able to justify your deed with your education,belief and confidence you have got.Do not afraid to take a step if you believe you are taking a right step with the education and purity at heart you have got because your education and purity will not cheat you.You are what you think,its not other peoples' wishes and prayers that make you what you are.Others wish and prayer for you because its their duty.

Meaningless dreams

I used to dream big things in my childhood like becoming a big businessman like Dhirubhai Ambani and living life king size.But later in my life only i realised that there can be more satisfying things in life than achieving your dreams.That is seeing your fellow beings sorrows and give a shoulder for them to depend on.If you look at the statistics there are millions out there who saves a day with less than one dollars.On the other side our society is very much bothered about making millions for our selfish dreams.Its not a bad thing to make millions and realising your dreams,but those millions doesn’t make any sense if we are not able to see the unfortunate life of fellows.We sometimes becomes broken when we don’t get what we dreamed of.But outside our office there are people who struggle for a meal and they never dare to dream,not because they don’t like to dream,just because they don’t have time to think of a lavish dream as they are always worried about extending their life to the coming hour.

I was questioned by a friend in helping the poor.He said the money we give to them is used to buy alchohol and pan masalas.If that alchohol/pan masalas is helping them to forget their sorrows and worries,we should let them use that.I always felt like helping the poor in possible ways.But still I felt like I am not doing enough for those unfortunate people.I don’t feel like I am doing something from the bottom of my heart.We all can go that extra mile to help not only the unfortunate but always the needful.

hope for the next thing for a loser


some thoughts on investment

"The psychology of investing is always important than the fundamentals of investing."

because business is always chosing the right choice as the oppurtunity arrives.when you are looking at it with the fundamental principles,you are always in the middle of a sea with no land in if you want to make a move that is really countable,play it with your mind than your just remember the art of investment must be done with the science of psychology.Theories and numbers come only after your ability to smell the oppurtunity.