Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wrinkles on your mind.

we all know life is all about one chance...so we should value the things in it....our body and mind are the main things we should give importance first of all as its existence makes sense of living...we should eat healthy,exercise regularly and live responsibly...these habits will make your body healthy and also help to live a long life....insha allah. but most people dont give importance to the other part...our mind....the thing defines the successful ones and the rest...during childhood we are very lively,in teenage we become daring,in young age we become matured,in old age what we do?... we just look back what we have done...we should not have any regrets when we look back...for that we should maintain a healthy and lively mind during our young age...if we are able to maintain a young mind through out our life  we may be able to a slam dunk at 60 provided good health obviously...so happiness is the key to this healthy mind...compare two persons,one  sad and the other a happy person...ask them to climb a hill....no points for guessing who reached the summit first....its only an incident and what if the person is sad often...his minimum energy to act will get lower day by day...in other words he automatically will become old in mind very sooner than his body...so always keep in mind true happiness is necessary to be active althrough your life...there is no sense in carrying an old mind in a worked out body...so before deciding to hit the jim make sure your mind is ahead than your body....if you have a carefree mind in a healthy body you will do what your age limiting you from....along with happiness you should train your brain with games,read well,face your problems systematically and maintain healthy relationships...these things will help you think better,feed you with knowledge,a balanced approach towards life and a happier mind....
you should always have thirst in your mind to stay young through the ages...if we fill our mind with unnecessary problems thirst we are supposed to have will not be there in your mind...because a problem filled mind always think backwards and the thirsty mind we should have is a forward looking mind...fill happiness in your heart...that is the basic requirement to look forward in your life...dont ever feel tired with your mind...because mind works better in a happy condition...and the energy to go forward and your lively nature of your teenage days can be forwarded to the next phase of your life...in each phase of your life you have a boosting point which carry the energy you have inside to the next phase...that works well with a happy mind and it also have negative effect if your not happy inside...it will make you older at heart,makes you give up easily...so BE HAPPY...DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY...FOLLOW YOUR HEART...THAT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU...IT WILL KEEP YOU YOUNG AT HEART.

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