Sunday, 3 April 2016

Motivation Lasts Forever If...

Its like a common thing that we start a new habit in our lives and after few days we discontinue it. We certainly want to do it, but we fail to continue the desire of first day to the days ahead,say, two weeks or three weeks. But successful men finds to continue that desire ahead and make that habit a permanent one. what is the difference here between a common man and the successful man ?
Isnt the common man always taking the life taken for granted or taking the life less seriously?
I mean great successful man always has this view of taking the value of life seriously or they value time  seriously.They always feel life is one time chance and it may end anytime. So they feel like taking the time available to them as a chance to do their things without wasting it. They also wish to take their health seriously as they wish to extend it maximum to do maximum good things with that extended time. They wish to continue their legacy and good efforts to the maximum time ahead. So if they think of doing a new thing that matters, they are able to continue it with same energy till the end. So if a common man like us wish to continue a new habit, first we need to love our life, love the time given to us, we should understand the uncertainty of life, have an ambition, have a desire to innovate even with our daily life and love our body  and find the purpose f your life. These things make the skeleton of our life. If we dont have this skeleton, our new actions or our new habits we do in our lives will cease to continue after few days. Our new habits or our new habits are the flesh we add to this skeleton to make a body of our successful life. This flesh or our new habits or new actions will fall down after few days if we dont have this skeleton first to support the flesh and grow on it. So first try to have the skeleton by loving our life, understand the value of time, understand the uncertainty of life, understand what is our body to us in this life, understand your purpose in life, have an ambition in life and dseire to innovate your life and actions in it. Then you will find it easy to continue a new habit or new action in your life upto a point where you need it. Then you can control your life.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

One thing you dont want in your Life.

We all know that we have only one life.Everyone wants their life to be happy.But some people are unhappy during old age.Main reason for their unhappiness is due to REGRETS.---Regrets for not living a life they could have lived.Regrets are bad thing because it shows our bad choices we made during our past life.We waste our time during young age and we regret about this during old age.Thing is that during young age we don’t think much or evaluate our life,mainly because we are in the process of building a good future.Some times we fail,sometimes we succeed in building future.Its true that even hardworking successful people also regret during old age.They wish they had not worked so hard in past.They may take a toll on their body during old age for their hard work during younger age or they may think they couldn’t find enough time for their family during young age.If you couldn’t pursue your dream for some one else’s plan,you may wish if u had the courage to live a life true to yourself,not the life others expected of you.Some may feel,if they had the courage to express their feelings.If they did they would have made a better life in relationsips.They would have made a better image about themselves among people.If we waste time,we will regret because we regret about making less use of this wonderful opportunity,life.If you made wrong choices in your carreer,you will feel regret that this was not you are really capable of.Some people regret during old days about their young life because even at 65 they ave to work to move forward and they are not able to take retirement.Regrets always comes in life after consequences affect us of our unwise choices in past.So start now,you still got cance to live a regretless life.Be brave and make right choices,do what you like,pursue your dream,don’t procrastinate and make use of this wonderful one time opportunity-LIFE.

Monday, 17 November 2014

What Will Others think !! ??

This question raises lot of questions about ourselves and against our progress.This question also is against our feel good consciousness.This question is against future developments in all times.This question causes big hindrances in our life when we can scale big heights if we avoided the question.

what will others think or the society if i choose fashion designing course as i am from an orthodox family ? Realise we should not waste our life living according to  some one else's wrong perception.This question always stand against big oppurtunities.This question is also against standing out in the crowd or say individuality.This question is also a result of wrong prejudices.Are we born to led designed by other people's thoughts?

One friend asked me what will people think  if i jog in the morning after 7'O clock? Are we not ready to face the world? Or are we shy enough to set a sample infront of the world ?
Another friend asked me what will people think if someone morphs her picture and misuse it ? Reality is that she shoudnt  feel bad at all because its not her original picture.We can definitely trace out the wrong forces behind it and prove its morphed. I understand her insecurity.But that is not based on reality and also on wrong perceptions.we have to be brave and little more conscious about reality.also uniqueness always add shine to your success and this question " what will others think ?" is always against being unique.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Do for your soul

We achieve so much in life...we do so much in our life...we progress in our life with our efforts...we search for happiness in our each step...but are we doing enough to give us true happiness??? are we doing things enough for our soul which ultimately give us peace and happiness...??? In today's world we give so much importance to material things,that we loose identity of our soul.Because we compromise on values and virtues in search of short term pleasures and our world is day by day more inclined to happiness made out of material things...That is why dont see true love,respect and longevity in our relationships...Like a great man said We have to see ourselves as a soul with a body as its extension,not as a body with soul as its extension...We have to do things with soul in mind...But we live in a world with every happiness is spiralled with material things and our life is now made out of lot of expectations...and we easily give up when we fail to achieve all our expectations...We easily loose our natural happiness and peace in this process...Life of yogis and swamis teaches that ultimate happiness lies when we feed our soul than our body...Be true to yourself,stand for values,love truly,having a relationship with god,respecting nature,respecting others,giving value to life than things etc gives happiness to our soul beacuse these are not attached to things.These things allow us to deal with our soul and we are true to ourselves when we do all these.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while."-Steve Jobs

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

do you have a reason?

be brave enough to wish the best and stand with your is difficult....never will be role model for others.because people love heroes and they wish they were heroes.heroes never ran away from difficulties .I will not name role model for you.because you have your thing common for all those people is that they are brave...brave not in the sense they are freedom fighters.but they stood for a reason...they stood up for their belief...that is what you should have in your mind first when u feel you should go for something.A reason to beleive of your own go a lot of distance.

Wrinkles on your mind.

we all know life is all about one we should value the things in it....our body and mind are the main things we should give importance first of all as its existence makes sense of living...we should eat healthy,exercise regularly and live responsibly...these habits will make your body healthy and also help to live a long life....insha allah. but most people dont give importance to the other part...our mind....the thing defines the successful ones and the rest...during childhood we are very lively,in teenage we become daring,in young age we become matured,in old age what we do?... we just look back what we have done...we should not have any regrets when we look back...for that we should maintain a healthy and lively mind during our young age...if we are able to maintain a young mind through out our life  we may be able to a slam dunk at 60 provided good health happiness is the key to this healthy two persons,one  sad and the other a happy person...ask them to climb a points for guessing who reached the summit first....its only an incident and what if the person is sad often...his minimum energy to act will get lower day by other words he automatically will become old in mind very sooner than his always keep in mind true happiness is necessary to be active althrough your life...there is no sense in carrying an old mind in a worked out before deciding to hit the jim make sure your mind is ahead than your body....if you have a carefree mind in a healthy body you will do what your age limiting you from....along with happiness you should train your brain with games,read well,face your problems systematically and maintain healthy relationships...these things will help you think better,feed you with knowledge,a balanced approach towards life and a happier mind....
you should always have thirst in your mind to stay young through the ages...if we fill our mind with unnecessary problems thirst we are supposed to have will not be there in your mind...because a problem filled mind always think backwards and the thirsty mind we should have is a forward looking mind...fill happiness in your heart...that is the basic requirement to look forward in your life...dont ever feel tired with your mind...because mind works better in a happy condition...and the energy to go forward and your lively nature of your teenage days can be forwarded to the next phase of your each phase of your life you have a boosting point which carry the energy you have inside to the next phase...that works well with a happy mind and it also have negative effect if your not happy will make you older at heart,makes you give up BE HAPPY...DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY...FOLLOW YOUR HEART...THAT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU...IT WILL KEEP YOU YOUNG AT HEART.