Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Do for your soul

We achieve so much in life...we do so much in our life...we progress in our life with our efforts...we search for happiness in our each step...but are we doing enough to give us true happiness??? are we doing things enough for our soul which ultimately give us peace and happiness...??? In today's world we give so much importance to material things,that we loose identity of our soul.Because we compromise on values and virtues in search of short term pleasures and our world is day by day more inclined to happiness made out of material things...That is why dont see true love,respect and longevity in our relationships...Like a great man said We have to see ourselves as a soul with a body as its extension,not as a body with soul as its extension...We have to do things with soul in mind...But we live in a world with every happiness is spiralled with material things and our life is now made out of lot of expectations...and we easily give up when we fail to achieve all our expectations...We easily loose our natural happiness and peace in this process...Life of yogis and swamis teaches that ultimate happiness lies when we feed our soul than our body...Be true to yourself,stand for values,love truly,having a relationship with god,respecting nature,respecting others,giving value to life than things etc gives happiness to our soul beacuse these are not attached to things.These things allow us to deal with our soul and we are true to ourselves when we do all these.

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