Monday, 17 November 2014

What Will Others think !! ??

This question raises lot of questions about ourselves and against our progress.This question also is against our feel good consciousness.This question is against future developments in all times.This question causes big hindrances in our life when we can scale big heights if we avoided the question.

what will others think or the society if i choose fashion designing course as i am from an orthodox family ? Realise we should not waste our life living according to  some one else's wrong perception.This question always stand against big oppurtunities.This question is also against standing out in the crowd or say individuality.This question is also a result of wrong prejudices.Are we born to led designed by other people's thoughts?

One friend asked me what will people think  if i jog in the morning after 7'O clock? Are we not ready to face the world? Or are we shy enough to set a sample infront of the world ?
Another friend asked me what will people think if someone morphs her picture and misuse it ? Reality is that she shoudnt  feel bad at all because its not her original picture.We can definitely trace out the wrong forces behind it and prove its morphed. I understand her insecurity.But that is not based on reality and also on wrong perceptions.we have to be brave and little more conscious about reality.also uniqueness always add shine to your success and this question " what will others think ?" is always against being unique.

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