Sunday, 3 April 2016

Motivation Lasts Forever If...

Its like a common thing that we start a new habit in our lives and after few days we discontinue it. We certainly want to do it, but we fail to continue the desire of first day to the days ahead,say, two weeks or three weeks. But successful men finds to continue that desire ahead and make that habit a permanent one. what is the difference here between a common man and the successful man ?
Isnt the common man always taking the life taken for granted or taking the life less seriously?
I mean great successful man always has this view of taking the value of life seriously or they value time  seriously.They always feel life is one time chance and it may end anytime. So they feel like taking the time available to them as a chance to do their things without wasting it. They also wish to take their health seriously as they wish to extend it maximum to do maximum good things with that extended time. They wish to continue their legacy and good efforts to the maximum time ahead. So if they think of doing a new thing that matters, they are able to continue it with same energy till the end. So if a common man like us wish to continue a new habit, first we need to love our life, love the time given to us, we should understand the uncertainty of life, have an ambition, have a desire to innovate even with our daily life and love our body  and find the purpose f your life. These things make the skeleton of our life. If we dont have this skeleton, our new actions or our new habits we do in our lives will cease to continue after few days. Our new habits or our new habits are the flesh we add to this skeleton to make a body of our successful life. This flesh or our new habits or new actions will fall down after few days if we dont have this skeleton first to support the flesh and grow on it. So first try to have the skeleton by loving our life, understand the value of time, understand the uncertainty of life, understand what is our body to us in this life, understand your purpose in life, have an ambition in life and dseire to innovate your life and actions in it. Then you will find it easy to continue a new habit or new action in your life upto a point where you need it. Then you can control your life.

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